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About dnld.

Designing is about vision and making choices.


My goal is to merge technical and artistic qualities in to one. Capture complexity in clear-cut uncomplicated designs.


The ideal is combining aesthetics and efficiency. Efficiency can have a different definition per project and is defined anew every time.


Making design decisions isn't possible without knowing what you're looking for. It is important to narrow down your choices.


I start by making a thorough analysis of the design context and requirements. Make an inventory of all the design facets.


After this I have a clear image of what it is that I'm designing and can focus on the design itself.


Variations can be made by hand or using instruments like computer simulations and scripting.


Making a design, I test different iterations to get the optimal final result.

Who is dnld.

I am a designer specialized in animations, visualizations, illustrations and webdesign.

My interest in the area of the graphical arts and designing started at a young age, making sketches and cartoons.

At the Faculty of Architecture at the Technical University of Delft I obtained my Msc in Architecture and learned the technical design approach.

Going through a structured design process, recognizing and optimizing critical design points, I developed my skills and implemented computer aided design(CAD) and 3d modeling.


Making visualizations using the computer and making 3d animations was the next step after sketching and drawing by hand. This dynamic way of making visuals is connected to my interest in animation.


I combined digital design, visuals and animation with architecture in Hyperbody; the non standard and interactive design studio.


Here I used computer simulations and scripting in parametric design methods to generate and optimize design outcomes.

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